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Biography for Robert F. Kennedy

Date of Birth::
20 November 1925, Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

Date of Death
6 June 1968, Los Angeles, California, USA (assassination)

Birth Name
Robert Francis Kennedy


Robert Francis Kennedy (1925-68) US politician, born in Brookline, MA, the third son of Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy and wife Rose Kennedy. He studied at Harvard and at Virginia University Law School, served at sea (1944-6) in World War 2, was admitted to the bar (1951), and served on the Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities (1957-9), when he prosecuted several top union leaders.
An efficient manager of his brother John F. Kennedy's presidential campaign, he was an energetic attorney general (1961-4), notably in his dealings with civil rights problems.
He became senator from New York in 1965. After winning the Californian Democratic presidential primary election, he was shot at a hotel in Los Angeles. His assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, a 24-year-old Jordanian-born immigrant, was sentenced to the gas chamber in 1969, but was not executed.

Ethel Kennedy (17 June 1950 - 6 June 1968) (his death) 11 children

Trade Mark::
Strong Boston Accent

Brother of John F. Kennedy.

Father of Rory Kennedy (and 10 other children).

Brother-in-law of Peter Lawford.

Uncle of Maria Shriver, and so by marriage of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Had 11 children: Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (b. 1952), Joseph Kennedy II (b. 1953), Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (b. 1955), Courtney Kennedy Hill (b. 1957), , Michael Kennedy (b. 1959, d. 1998), Kerry Kennedy Cuomo (b. 1960), Christopher Kennedy (b. 1964), Max Kennedy (b. 1966), Douglas Kennedy (b. 1967), Rory Kennedy (b. 1968), and David Kennedy (d. 1984).

Served as Attorney General in his brother, John F. Kennedy's, Cabinet, and resigned in 1964 after his brother's death.

Graduated from Harvard University in 1948 with a government degree.

Graduated from the University of Virginia Law School in 1951.

Served as a U. S. Senator from NY state from 1964 - 6 June 1968.

Graduated from Milton Academy.

Pictured on a 15 US commemorative postage stamp issued in his honor, 12 January 1979.

Brother of Ted Kennedy

Uncle of Robert Shriver, Caroline Kennedy, Christopher Lawford, John Kennedy Jr..

Brother of U.S. Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith.

He harbored strong disdain for Lyndon B. Johnson, his older brother's vice president [who ultimately took over as president after John's death] and the feeling was mutual.

In stark contrast to his older brother John's poor health, Robert was a very strong and physically active man who enjoyed hiking and kayaking among other outdoor activities.

Was a close friend of Robert Vaughn.

Family friend Andy Williams sang the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" at his funeral

When Kennedy was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on June 5, 1968, it was his friend John Frankenheimer who had personally driven him there that day

Died the same day as Randolph Churchill, the only son of Winston Churchill.

Became close to actor Warren Beatty during his 1968 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Beatty's relationship with R.F.K. was closer than the one he had with John F. Kennedy while J.F.K. was president. Beatty was particularly valuable in firing up volunteers for such mundane activities as door-to-door canvassing. R.F.K. was impressed by Beatty's thorough understanding of the issues. After the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in Beatty's hometown of Los Angeles, Beatty became a vocal gun control advocate.

He once got into a contest with Richard Burton, who greatly admired R.F.K., in which they tried to outdo the other by quoting Shakespeare's sonnets. Both were word-perfect, and Burton was forced to "win" the contest by quoting one of the sonnets backwards, a feat R.F.K. could not match.

A wax head replica of Robert F. Kennedy from the defunct Hollywood Wax Museum was auctioned off for a winning bid of $200 during a live auction on ebay on Mary 11, 2006.

Interred at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, about 100 yards to the left of his brother's grave.

Was portrayed by Steven Culp in Thirteen Days (2000), Linus Roache in RFK (2002) (TV), Dave Fraunces in Bobby (2006), and Tim Ransom in "A Woman Named Jackie" (1991).

Grandson of Congressman John F. Fitzgerald.

In 1965, still mourning his brother John's death, he journeyed to Canada to climb Mount Kennedy (on the Alasken-Canadian border) which had been named in his brother's honor. Breaking away from the team of experienced mountain climbers, Kennedy made it to the summit making him the first man ever to reach the top.

The hotel in which he was shot, the Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel has since been torn down.

Subject of the movie Bobby (2006).

Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan is currently awaiting execution on Death Row at San Quentin Prison near San Francisco.

Personal Quotes::
"I'm tired of chasing people."


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